Compliance Guidelines and Code of Conduct

To maintain integrity and ensure compliance with applicable laws, MSR promotes an honest and transparent working environment. In addition, specific rules of conduct have been derived on the basis of the corporate values and are summarized in the Code of Conduct.

Questions, doubts and concerns can therefore be raised by all employees without fear of adverse consequences. The encourage employees to report identified or justified suspicions of criminal violations or serious infringements of applicable law.

Code of Conduct Compliance Guidelines

Contact and whistleblower system

Protecting our employees, business partners and values is our top priority. It is therefore important to become aware of compliance violations in good time.

Information on actual or suspected violations can be submitted to the following persons or systems:

Jerschabek GmbH – Digitale Business Lösungen

External Data Protection Officer
Hermann-von-Moreau-Str. 6, 94036 Passau